Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Educational Videos During My Big Holiday

Although my holiday is very boring, I spent my time very wisely by watching these interesting and educational videos from the internet. These videos gave me more knowledge about Physics, which is so - called Additional Physics. They taught me many useful lessons about many tragedies. By this way, I managed to understand the causes and effects of many tragedies in my life, and too sequence of events of tragedies.

Below here are the educational videos for this big holiday:

a) Seconds From Disaster

(i) Crash of Concorde
Part 1
= Part 2 (
= Part 3 (
= Part 4 (
= Part 5 (

(ii) Tunnel Inferno
= Part 1 (
= Part 2 (
= Part 3 (
= Part 4 (
= Part 5 (

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Back To Ipoh

The day was miserable and tiring yesterday, when my family went back to the Perak capital, Ipoh, after we pick up my brother working in Kandang Kerbau Hospital in Kampong Java Road to drop him at the Hwa Chong Institution to photocopy his Advanced Level results, then send him back to the hospital, after we cleared through the Tuas Checkpoint in Singapore and Sultan Abu Bakar Checkpoint in Johore state, Malaysia. while on my journey to Ipoh. Later at 2000 hours, after we exited through the Tapah Interchange on the North - South Expressway, we ate four delicious cuisines at a Chinese restaurant in Kampar, about 30 kilometres south of Ipoh, then arrived at my home in Ipoh at around 2200 hours.

Day Three in Singapore

It was a happy and interesting but tiring day last Sunday, when my family ate 30 variety of delicious Hong Kong cuisines at My Humble House Restaurant in the durian - surfaced Esplanade on the Singaporean Bay at around 1300 hours, after I was amazed with many soaring skyscrapers while on our journey, after we finished our Sunday prayer service in the Foo Chow Methodist Church in Race Course Road, earlier in the morning. Later at 1500 hours, at Raffles City Shopping Complex near the City Hall MRT Underground Station, we bought some men's clothing from Robinson, then bought four US fruit juice bottles and two glass bottles of coffee fom Carrefour in Suntec City Shopping Mall, saying that I wondered to buy some Western sweets, then went back to my aunt's home in Balam Estate at around 1900 hours via the Nicoll Highway.

Day Two In Singapore

The day was happy and interesting but tiring last Saturday, when my aunt and I went to the Rain Garden, the first experimental garden in urban Singapore, described "like a paradise", near my aunt's home in Balam Estate providing many training equipments for the residents there, then went to Seven - Eleven shop near the SMS bus transit station in Macpherson Road to buy nine Indonesian - manufactured chocolates bars. Later at 1150 hours at Toa Payoh HDB Mall near the MRT underground station, we ate our delicious cuisines - Indonesian "nasi padang" and Japanese dishes - at a crowded food court, one - storey above the Fair Price Supermarket there, then sent my brother tuitoring in Thomson Road. Minutes later, I bought three expensive various flavours of Sweden's chocolate bars at Tampines IKEA Furniture Shopping Complex near the massive Giant Hypermarket, then pick my brother up from Thomson Road and send him tuitoring near Raffles Institution and Marymount MRT Circle Line Underground Station in Bishan. Feeling very tired throughout the day, we went back to my aunt's home there.

The First Trip to SINGAPORE

The day was boring and tiring but interesting last Friday, when my family, except my sister, went to Singapore, south of the Peninsular Malaysia, to visit my brother, 19, and my aunt working there, and to enjoy our vacation for four days and three nights there, after I had sat my English evaluation test, with my Malay Language and Mathematics assignments had done. Immediately after we had our lunch at 1300 hours in Ipoh, we departed to Singapore through the North - South Expressway, then ate our delicious cuisines - seafood paste - at a Chinese restaurant in Yong Peng, about 90 kilometres from the state of Johore, Johore Bahru. Later at 2120 hours, after we cleared through Tuas Checkpoint, we arrived at my aunt's home in Balam Road, Macpherson Road, metres away from the MRT Circle Line Underground Station.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My Worst Nightmare - Having Sore throat

It was the most boring and terrible day in my life when I am having sore throat due to act of Devil, the lateness I slept, my bad diet and the lack of the Western influence, saying that I will catch cold later, causing me to stay at home.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Worst Day In My Life

The day, described as "a 120 c microwave", sunny, and boring yesterday. Later in the evening at the tennis court, in the Perak State Public Services Club, frustrated and exhausted for two hours, we could not play in the sweltering heat caused by global warming and climate change, better than the Australian heatwave that caused many bushfires that destroyed many houses, killing at least 300 citizens and injuring hundreds, as we blamed the cocuriculum head for placing at this inappropriate time and the act of Devil, hoping the "MORONIC" Sun to extinct to stop them forever. Hours later, my dinner was terrible, when I ate Big Mac at Mcdonald's Drive Thru in Tasek Road at around 1650 hours and ate various Chinese cuisines, described as "a useless cuisines" at a restaurant in Menglembu at 2000 hours, a small town about 5 kilometres from Ipoh city centre, wasting my precious time and increasing my body weight to a staggering 85 kilograms, causing me to decide not to eat lunch forever and dye my black hair into Europeans' blonde hair soon.